Say whaaaat? We caught up with X Factor hottie Ben Haenow to talk underwear, relationships and house nudity

The weekend has rolled around yet again which means another major gawp session at X Factor’s Ben Haenow. Yipee!

We caught up with the 29-year-old to talk pants, relationships and erm, fellow contestant Stevi Ritchie in a mankini. Nice.

How’s the house, Ben?
Crazy. You find everyone singing in every room. But it’s a mad house. It’s a different experience for me.

What’s the state of your bedroom in The X Factor house?
Messy! I’d say, at the moment, it’s probably Jake [Quickenden] just leaving stuff all over the place.

Are you going around being a mum?
No, no! Not at the moment! But you know what I mean? It’s difficult when you’ve got pants and stuff hanging off windows and walls. It is a bit messy up there.

Pants hanging off the wall?
Yeah! Not off the walls. But hanging up the walls!

Hmm, interesting! Do you find it hard being away from your girlfriend, Jessica Jones?
Yeah, it is difficult. But obviously we speak from time to time, and she understands the reason why I’m here and stuff. So, I do miss her, yeah, big time. But we’re kind of constantly in contact so it’s not really a major problem.

Do you feel a lot of pressure on your relationship?
We’ve got history you know, we’ve been together for six years. We’re sort of stuck together through a lot of stuff so, we’re going to be fine.

How do you manage to FaceTime her with all the other guys around?
I just find a quiet corner really. But I try to avoid FaceTime as much as I can, just in case Stevi walks past with a mankini on, scaring everybody!

What’s Stevi like in the house?
Obvisouly a great bloke, but a big, big character, so, he’s a bit mental. The craziest house mate, definitely!

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