Fleur East spills the beans on sharing a room with 'eccentric' Chloe-Jasmine AND reveals her fitness regime

X Factor finalist Fleur East, is not only incredibly toned (did you SEE her six-pack on last weekend’s show?), but she’s also super kind – the 26-year-old reveals that she has to devote free time to hugging fellow contestant, Chloe Jasmine. Naww.

We stopped for a quick chat with the X Factor hopeful who is in Simon Cowell‘s Over 25s category…

Do you feel like an ‘Over’?
Not really. Especially because I’m in the girls’ room, I feel like a girl. But at the same time, I’m happy because I feel like the Overs category needs something fresh and current.

So you’re sharing a room with Chloe-Jasmine?

Apparently, she’s been struggling a bit?
Do you know what? I think she’s just such an eccentric person, and she’s just such an interesting character that, you know, everyone just wants to write about her and focus on her. But yeah, she just gets a lot, a lot of stick. We all have to try and lift her up all the time. I’ve had to climb into her bed a few times, and I’ll hug her.

When you’re in the room alone together, does she speak as posh as she speaks on the show?
She does! Like, I’ve heard all these things, but I mean, how could she keep that up? Every single day, like 24 hours a day? She’s got to win an Oscar if she’s actually doing that. She’s just being herself.

Have you ever heard her swear?
No, I haven’t actually. I haven’t! She’s a true lady!

Are you single?
Oooh! There might be someone!

Is he a supportive of you doing this?
Yeah. Literally, it’s funny for me because I’ve been singing for so long, everyone who knows me is just like ‘Yeah! Finally! You go girl!’

How do you keep so fit?
So I wake up in the morning, I work out before I start my day, I feel good. Whenever I go out on stage, I like to be energetic, so if I keep fit, I obviously have the stamina. So it’s quite a lot of my daily routine anyway, but I’m one of these people that just looks in the mirror, and if anything bothers me, I’m just like ‘whatever, that’s just what I have. I’m just going to accept it now.’

How often do you work out?
Maybe like four or five times a week.

Are you using the gym at the house?
Yes. Been down there a lot. Training the girls, I’m training Stephanie [Nala].

What was Simon Cowell’s house like?
It was amazing. It was literally like everything I thought it would be. It was just like really glamorous. Like all these amazing cars parked outside.

What’s his baby Eric like?
Oh, he’s so beautiful that baby! It’s weird, because I was looking at him, thinking ‘oh, he’s so cute!’, but at the same time I’m thinking, ‘you look a lot like Simon!’ Simon was really excited to show us his dogs Squiddly and Diddly.

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