Oh we love a gossip sesh with X Factor lad, Jack Walton

X Factor wildcard Jack Walton is the ITV show’s potential dark horse.

And it turns out the 18-year-old northern lad, who is being mentored by Mel B, has a tattoo in the same place as judge Cheryl Cole – his backside.

FYI Jack has THE most amazing six-pack – yes, we saw it and fainted.

When did you get your arm tattoo?
I got it on my 18th birthday. It’s a symbol that means ‘never give up’.

Any secret tattoos?
I have one…but that’s in a private place (laughs).

What is it?
It’s a smiley face.

Is it on your bottom?
It’s on my bottom…

Did your parents know?
My parents knew because, I was getting out the car once because I went shopping with my dad, and I went to get some bags out of the boot, and he went, ‘Is that a tattoo?’ and I went, ‘What, what? Nah, it’s just a drawing.’ And he was like, ‘who has drawn that on you?’ After a while, I just had to admit it, because he kept seeing the ‘drawing’.

It’s an ice-breaker for sure!
I suppose so. Before I got this visible tattoo, people would ask me if I have any tattoos and I’m like, ‘Well…’

What advice has your mentor, Mel B, given you?
She basically said, ‘this is your shot now’. It’s true – this is my chance now.

How do you find Mel B – is she nice?
Yeah, she’s really down to earth. I like her personality. She’s not going to tell you anything different to what’s what.

Have you partied with her?
No, I haven’t got the chance unfortunately. But I wouldn’t mind having a drink with her.

Do you have a girlfriend?
Yeah I do. She lives about 10 minutes down the road.

How does she feel about all this?
Well she’s proud of me. It’s nice to have that support you know, from someone you’re close to. But she prefers to keep what I do with my career a bit separate.

Is she a little bit nervous about all the female attention you’re going to get?
I don’t think she’s nervous, she knows that I’m a loyal lad.

How long have you been going out?
We got together probably about two months before I went on the show.

Not long then!
Yes, it is early days.

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