Ben reveals how he's living The X Factor dream for him and his brother


Congratulations to Ben Haenow, who is quite possibly X Factor‘s sexiest ever winner.

After stunning renditions of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror and the winner’s single One Republic’s Something I Need in the final, Ben beat off tough competition in the form of Fleur East to take The X Factor crown.

He may be basking in winner’s glory now, but the path to success for the 29-year-old has been a tough one and Ben confessed to us that his X Factor journey is bittersweet.

Before he auditioned for the show he was in a rock band with his brother Alex, 31, and the pair dreamed of making it big together until Alex was hit with life changing news.

He told us: ‘Alex was the guitarist and after years of being around loud amps, he got tinnitus and was really worried that he was going to go deaf. We were a rock band but couldn’t play loud music any more.’

Opening up about the torture his brother has gone through, Ben continued: ‘It’s incurable so something he’s learning to deal with. Initially he was petrified, the thought of losing his hearing hit him hard, but doctors gave him coping mechanisms, so he’s got used to it. He still suffers badly but deals with it a lot better now.

‘It’s both a high point and a low point as we were trying to break into the industry together,’ he confesses. ‘It’s difficult for me to live both our dreams. He’s 100% supportive though.’

It’s not just a record contract and X Factor tour that Ben has to look forward to, he’s also planning a future with long-term girlfriend Jessica Jones, 27. Who can foget his ‘accidental’ proposal during his first audition?

He later said: ‘It was all in the edit! We’ve been together for six years so marriage is something we’ve discussed, the shock on her face was because I said we’d be getting married soon. It wasn’t a proposal.’

Talking about marrying Jessica in an interview last week, Ben said: ‘It’s something that’s going to be organic rather than: “If I get to this stage in the competition, I’m going to propose.”

‘Without wanting to give too much away, I would like to do it soon.’

Jess added: ‘I just want it whenever.’

Well watch this space…

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