Claire Sweeney is back with former fiancé Daniel Reilly after they welcomed their first child

Claire Sweeney and former fiancé Daniel Reilly are back on track after briefly spitting before she welcomed their first child.

The 43-year-old actress gave birth to son Jaxon on September 29 and happened to be in the delivery room next door to fellow former Brookside star Jennifer Ellison.

Claire thinks that welcoming the tot brought her closer to her 29-year-old beau.

When asked if she was sleeping in the same room as Daniel and if they’re back together, she admitted: ‘Yes, he’s in with me. He’s amazing and he couldn’t be anymore supportive or a better dad. Having Jaxon has made us so much closer and suddenly we feel like a team.

‘We’re working together with this baby and it’s like we’ve become a unit, especially as Daniel is so hands on – he’s really helping me and it’s changed everything.’

Claire added that parenthood has only sparked a chain of magnificent events and now she feels things are finally in the right place.

The doting mum will take part in panto in December after what will be nine weeks off work, and things in her personal life are going great as well.

She continued: ‘I feel like everything is coming together, my relationship, my beautiful baby boy, everything is good I feel so blessed.’

The star added that her partner has changed in a way she never knew he could since becoming a father.

But it’s not just him who has transformed, Claire has opened up to Daniel in a new way too.

She told OK! magazine: ‘Oh my god, he’s totally in love with his boy. I’ve never seen this side of him because we’ve had no kids and he’s seen a new side of me as a mum.’

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