SUPER AWKS moment for Louis Tomlinson

You know that awkward moment when started as banter goes awfully, awfully wrong? Well, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson just had a MAJOR faux pas moment when he managed to call reporter Stephen Nolan ‘ you little sh*t’ after the BBC Northern Ireland journalist claimed that he hadn’t heard One Direction’s new single ‘Perfect’. If it’s any consolation, Louis, he’s probably the only person in the world who hasn’t heard it!

After the reporter admitted he hadn’t heard the song, Louis playfully boxed his arm and cursed him, but the reporter’s face dropped, showing he no longer thought it was funny, and he shouted: ‘I’ll spoof you! Don’t touch me!’

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At this point, Louis, trying to keep the atmosphere of humour, turned to his bodyguard and said: ‘Preston, can we have a word?’ CUE MAJOR NERVOUS LAUGHTER. The pair then continued the uncomfortable interview – although you could tell poor Louis was visibly affected by his mistake as he stammered through his answers.

Uh, oh! Don’t worry Louis, those foot-in-mouth moments happen to us all…just not with the added pressure of appearing on national television. We hope you recover your nerves in time for the One Direction performance at Belfast Arena tonight!

Watch the full video here.