A spooky presence apparently left X Factor's Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman AND Rochelle Humes a bit freaked out

We’d always imagined it would be pretty tough to scare Simon Cowell but it sounds like the music mogul was properly spooked during X Factor judges’ houses recently…

No, it wasn’t the return of Mason Noise that gave Simon a bit of a fright – instead it was a GHOST which apparently decided to haunt the historic Château de Môh in France where he whittled down his contestants earlier this month. Yikes!


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Simon, 56, and his crew were left a bit freaked out by a spooky presence at the 15th century French castle, so much so that the judge’s partner Lauren Silverman said she didn’t want to be left alone there. Er, we don’t blame you there, Lauren.

They weren’t the only ones to feel the ‘presence’ either. Xtra Factor host Rochelle Humes reportedly had her make-up artist sleep in the same bed as her because she was so frightened by the ghostly goings-on.

Simon Cowell is convinced that he actually SAW the mysterious being at the Loire Valley building, having said: ‘I know, I saw it.’

Blimey, sounds like Halloween came way early in that house! Luckily for Mr Cowell it’s not the first time he’s encountered a spooky presence.

‘I did have a ghost in my house once and I do think it was a friendly ghost,’ he tells The Xtra Factor’s Rochelle.

‘I was living in a house and the bedroom door was open and every night you would hear “knock knock”.

‘I was thinking “There has to be a reason” but there wasn’t so I am convinced it was a ghost. I couldn’t explain it.’

Oh stop it, Simon, you’re giving us the creeps! The judge was joined by One Direction star Louis Tomlinson to whittle his six contestants down to three and we’d loved to know if he spotted the cheeky ghost too…

Let’s hope there won’t be any frights when we watch what happened at judges’ houses on this weekend’s X Factor.

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Anna Francis