Robbie Williams and wife Ayda have just welcomed their second child into the world

After the incredible live labour vlogging, we thought the birth of Robbie Williams and Ayda Field’s baby son couldn’t get anymore exciting… Until we heard the name they had chosen.

Robbie‘s son, born in the early hours of Tuesday morning, has been called Charlton Valentine Williams.

Robbie revealed the name by posting another video of Robbie and Ayda in hospital and captioned it: ‘Charlton Valentine Williams has left the building’.

It shows new mum Ayda silently puffing as she pushes a wheelchair containing Robbie holding baby Charlton down the hospital corridor. Oh, labour must be tough for the dad…

Robbie and Ayda already have one child together, two-year-old daughter named Theodora Rose.

The name choice has divided fans. Some tweeted their love:

Such a cute name!’ one said.

The name “Charlton Valentine” is as inventive as “Theodora Rose” 🙂 Well chosen @robbiewilliams & Ayda! Congrats to baby no.2 – all the best‘ tweeted another.

But others weren’t so sure…

Theodora Rose and Charlton Valentine Williams. I mean it’s a good job their dad is famous

Since posting the videos, Robbie has announced a 2015 Let Me Entertain You Tour.

The 40-year-old dad teased the announcement a few hours after Ayda gave birth to their son – while his vlogs were still getting lots of social media coverage – telling fans that there would be a big revelation on Thursday.

Sure enough, Robbie posted a video of him singing along to classic song Let Me Entertain You on Thursday morning, complete with classic Robbie white and black face-paint. ‘Hell is gone and heaven’s here, I’m coming out on tour next year.. RW x’ he titled the vid.

The convenient timing of Robbie‘s announcement has sparked controversy, some claiming that he used his son’s birth as a way to get back in the spotlight and ultimately sell more tickets.

Robbie’s tour starts in Spring 2015, but he will not be coming to the UK.

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