Junior, Princess and Amelia joined their dad during his workout session


Peter Andre loves sharing snippets of his family life with fans but his latest post has proved quite controversial.

The 44-year-old posted a video on Monday which shows his kids Junior, 11, Princess, 9, and Amelia, 3, joining him at his home gym for a mixture of fitness and fun.


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Junior is seen lifting a small weight whilst Princess skips with a rope in the background.

Meanwhile young Amelia is simply busy looking at the boxing equipment and Pete is clearly loving having the family with him.

‘Oh man, my gym has been infiltrated by these two,’ he’s heard saying as he films Junior and Princess before panning around to Amelia. ‘Oh, and Mills behind there.

‘God I love having you guys in the gym.’


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The sight of the youngsters working out – particularly Junior lifting weights – didn’t go down well with everyone though and some of Pete’s followers were critical of him for letting them in.

‘Don’t really think the gym is the place for an 11year old,’ one Instagram user wrote, whilst another added: ‘They should be running around outside not in a gym….’

Meanwhile another warned: ‘It’s good that they are being taught to use the gym safely and properly under their dad’s guidance – as long as they don’t grow up completely paranoid about having ‘perfect’ bodies !’

Pete’s loyal fanbase have defended the dad-of-four for his decision though.

‘The weights are tiny and it’s just a father enjoying time with his children messing around in the gym it’s not a serious hardcore session,’ one fan pointed out.

Another said: ‘Why are people so judgmental! There is nothing wrong with teaching your children how to take care of there bodies.’

A fellow admirer scribed: ‘Good for the kids get them active!’

Pete hasn’t responded to the debate but has spoken in the past of how he’s conscious of the messages he sends about body image to the children.

‘I try to do the whole fitness being healthy [thing],’ he explained on Loose Women last summer.

‘But I would never walk around with my shirt off. I do it for a calendar and get prepared for it, it keeps me in check, but that’s a good point. Is it showing the right example?’

He also admitted that he often tries to weigh the kids as he worries that they’re too slender and makes sure that they eat well.