90s classic Baywatch is being re-made into a movie with Zac Efron and The Rock starring in it

Whether you watched Baywatch while growing up in the 90s, or you just know it as that show that Chandler and Joey were obsessed with in Friends, it’s making a return to our screens. And in a BIG way.

The 90s classic full of slo-mo running and high-cut swimsuits is making it’s way to the big screen and being given a makeover to boot.

While we’re not sure if The Hoff and Pam Am are going to be making a cheeky lil’ cameo in it, it’s been announced that former Disney star Zac Efron and wrestling legend, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson are both going to be starring in the re-vamped remake.

Remember when 27-year-old Zac Efron was singing his little floppy-haired heart out in High School Musical? Yeah, we never in a million years that he’d be saving peoples’ lives on screen with The Rock back then!

While plans for the film are still in the very early stages, with The Rock saying they’ll start shooting ‘at the top of 2016’, both of the hunky lifeguards have dropped a few hints of what we can expect from the future Baywatch film, or should we say BAEwatch?

1.) Zac Efron will be shirtless
This was the all-important question on all of our lips, and with it being a movie about lifeguards on the beach, there was no doubt that Zac was going to whip off his shirt at some point. We’ll also accept any scenes where he’s wearing a wet-shirt and running in slow-motion.

2.) They’ll be LOTS of baby oil

These two seem to hitting it off famously already, and when The Rock shared the news on his Twitter about the film, Zac was quick to oil up. It’s gonna be a slippery ride people!

3.) The Rock will give you mouth to mouth
We’re not sure what the status is of The Rock’s first aid training, but the 43-year-odl seems pretty psyched to get started on saving some peoples’ lives. Showing his appreciation for the public’s excitement over the film, he hashtagged his post with #MouthToMouthForEverybody #WellNotEverybody

4.)They’ll be eye-candy for EVERYONE

Not only will Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson be strutting their stuff along the beach, but they’ll also be plenty of gorgeous girls on screen too. ‘just wait ‘til you see who we cast for our girls…’ are the exact words that The Rock himself said.

5.) It’ll be nothing like the original
If you’re expecting to indulge in some nostalgia while watching the film then you might want to dust off the old VHS instead. With both Dwayne and Zac implying that there’s going to be some blue humor and content in it, Zac says it’s not ‘going to be much like the old Baywatch to be honest.’

6.) It won’t be for family viewing
Speaking of humor, Zac told Reuters that ‘it’s going to be R-rated and it’s going to be badass’ – so this probably isn’t one to take your nan to the cinema for. We’re expecting lots of Inbetweeners-meets-Superbad LOLS

7.) It’s going to be BIG

Zac has said that they’re going to ‘reinvent it in a big way.’ With all the hype around this Magic Mike/21 Jump Street-esque remake, we have no doubt they’ll be big laughs, big production and big muscles! (Also, can we go for drinks with The Rock please – sounds like QUITE the big night out!)

We’ll be first in line when this comes out at cinemas – we’ll be waiting, never you fear!


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Amy Lo