Radio presenter reveals her celeb crushes

Zoe Ball has revealed that she wouldn’t mind getting close to Chris Moyles.

When asked to choose who she’d rather snog – Chris or Terry Wogan, 70 – she plumped for the Radio 1 breakfast show host.

‘I’ve always found Chris quite sexy,’ Zoe says. ‘He’s really cuddly and he just gives you this little flirty look.’

She also has a crush on T4 presenter Steve Jones, 31.

‘I saw Steve in the pub the other day – mmm,’ she says.

‘But I just couldn’t speak to him because I was so overawed. I just about managed to walk past, grunt and go and sit down.’

Zoe, 37, has been married to 45-year-old DJ Norman Cook – aka Fatboy Slim – for 9 years. They have an 8-year-old son Woody.