See how the actress's shape has changed

Caroline Quentin has been through quite a body transformation over the years.

Our gallery charts the British actress’s weight loss story in pictures, from the early days of her career to her shock diagnosis with coeliac disease in the 2010s.

As our first picture shows, Caroline covers her figure with baggy clothing for her role in the hit sitcom Men Behaving Badly, which first airs in 1992.

The Surrey-born star gets her big break as nurse Dorothy in the series and the show runs for several years.

Caroline’s shape fluctuates throughout that time. By 1997 the actress looks particularly curvy when she’s pictured on the set of TV drama Jonathan Creek in an unflattering striped dress.

In 1999 Caroline Quentin falls pregnant with her first child and is soon back in shape the following year.

During the 2000s the new mum’s figure continues to evolve. She’s not afraid to showcase her curves in a bright outfit whilst filming Life Begins in 2003 and draws attention to her stomach during a scene in 2005.

Caroline dons an all-black ensemble to shoot police series Blue Murder in 2007 and it flatters her shape, but the actress appears to have filled out a little by 2010.

In 2011 the TV favourite shows off a blonde hairdo and shapely figure though she looks to have lost weight within a year.

A fuller-figured Caroline highlights her curvaceousness in 2014 by wearing a bright orange top during a television appearance and the colour certainly suits her.

Just a few months later the actress leaves us stunned when she steps out looking visibly slimmer during a night at the theatre in London.

By 2015 Caroline is slender and healthy and reveals that she’s feeling better than ever now that she’s changed her lifestyle following her diagnosis with coeliac disease.

‘I feel so well now that I’m gluten-free, and I’ve had my biopsy, I know I’m a coeliac,’ she reveals during an appearance on This Morning.

‘I’m gluten-free and I feel really great. I didn’t know how well I could feel. It’s ludicrous how well I feel. It’s disgusting how well and healthy I now feel – it’s actually offensive.’

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