These stars are no doubt healthier for their weight loss, but has their hard work aged them?

These stars are no doubt healthier for their weight loss, but has their hard work aged them?

Harley Street surgeon Mr George Samouris tells Now: ‘When you lose a dramatic amount of weight, ageing accelerates. This is dependent on how quickly the weight is lost, age, genetics and lean muscle mass. Weight loss causes a decrease in skin elasticity – the excess volume prompts skin to stretch and without this volume the dermis of the skin becomes thinner, lacking collagen and causing wrinkles.

‘It also affects the ligaments that support soft tissue in the face, so they stretch and then relax. When this happens it can result in gaunt cheeks, a sagging jowl line and the lowering of the brow.’

Lisa Riley, 40

Lisa has lost a whopping 10st and has admitted she doesn’t recognise herself in old snaps. She’s just had surgery to remove excess skin and says: ‘One stone, one pound in loose skin removed… I’m a size 12 now. 
I’m still getting used to it.’

Tina Malone, 54

Tina’s change in appearance 
is astounding. She’s lost 12st and has already had some excess skin removed.

Pauline Quirk, 57

Pauline lost a massive 8st in just 12 months, saying: ‘I was miserable – I was tired of not being able 
to find clothes to fit, tired of sunbathing on a hotel balcony 
on holiday because I was too 
self-conscious to sit by the pool.’

Scarlett Moffatt, 26

The Gogglebox star has lost over 3st and dropped five dress sizes. But her dramatic weight loss has caused concern among her fans. She followed a SuperSlim diet, limiting herself to 1,350 calories a day.

Sam Smith, 24

The singer lost 3st last year, dropping a stone of that in just two weeks. He credits his weight loss to nutritional therapist Amelia Freer, saying: ‘She’s completely changed my life.’

Natalie Cassidy, 33

Natalie’s weight has yo-yoed over the years, but following the birth of her second baby last August she looks slimmer than ever.

Chris Moyles, 43

Chris looks like a different person 
after his 5st weight loss, but has since admitted: ‘My weird problem is that I don’t eat enough now.’