See how the reality star and the rapper's relationship has progressed

Kylie Jenner might be the youngest member of the Kardashian clan but she’s already faced lots of speculation over her love life.

After a rumoured relationship with actor Jaden Smith in her early teens, Kylie is first linked to rapper Tyga – real name Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson – in August 2014.

It’s been clear for a while that the twosome are friends but the idea that it’s something more sparks a huge amount of interest, especially given the eight-year age gap between the pair.

Our gallery charts Kylie and Tyga’s changing relationship in pictures, right from what’s thought to be their first meeting in 2011.

Tyga performs at the 16th birthday party of Kylie’s sister Kendall and the rapper dances with both siblings on stage during his set. Kylie is just 14 at the time though so there’s obviously nothing romantic going on.

In the years that follow Tyga dates model Blac Chyna and the couple welcome their son King in October 2012. They go on to get engaged but the relationship ends in 2014.

Following the break-up Tyga is linked to Kylie Jenner, though both keep quiet about the rumours. However it’s clear that the duo are close when they both help out at a meal for the homeless in November 2014 and pose for pictures together.

As speculation over the nature of their relationship continues to mount, Tyga directly addresses the rumours in February 2015 by denying that he’s dating the teenager.

There’s a dramatic turnaround a few days later though when the rapper posts an emotional message about Kylie’s ‘beauty’ on Instagram. He then professes that he loves her ‘as a person’ in a radio interview and says that it ‘doesn’t matter’ what the world thinks about their controversial bond.

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