We've rounded up a bunch of awful celebrity-themed tattoos. Did someone just say melted waxworks?

Look, it’s an actual Tina O’Brien tattoo!

Tattoos are a personal thing. Nobody wants a bad tattoo. If you want to get ‘mum’ written on your shoulder or a tribal thing round the top of your arm a la Sporty Spice circa 1995 then be our guest… but maybe think first before you pick something that really dates.

Like, um, someone’s face.

You know how celebland works – you’re in one minute and out the next (and really, stars, that’s your fault if you choose to release a really terrible movie or single).

So it’s probably not best to tattoo, say, Michelle Keegan on your belly (love you, by the way, Mich). She’s the UK’s golden girl right now, but who’s to say you’ll have a different fave actress in a few years?

You never know… although you’ll see in our gallery that someone has gone and got a Michelle tattoo. And it’s a truly bad tattoo.

Once you’ve decided on your tattoo (again, we recommend not a celebrity face,) it’s time to pick a decent tattooist. You know, one who won’t make you look like you’ve got a melted waxwork on your arm. You’re especially likely to suffer from an attack of the melt face on your arm if you go for, say a Miley Cyrus tattoo. There’s one of those in our lovely gallery, too, for shame.

Oh, and make sure your tattooist can spell, too. You’ll see that in our gallery, a lot of tattoos have spelling mistakes. Sigh. Talk about a bad tattoo!

We’ve searched the Internet to find a really bad tattoo collection just for you – and it’s celebrity-themed. From Michael Jackson to Amy Winehouse and everything in between, these fans are seriously dedicated to their passion. Well, we guess that’s some consolation about HAVING A FACE INKED ON YOU FOREVER.