Even the most beautiful celebs have times when their mop just won't behave

Not even celebrity hair can always look perfect.

Despite most stars having personal hairdressers, the money for expensive cuts and the time for long colouring sessions, they can still suffer bouffant disasters.

It’s true! Even the most beautiful celebs have days when their mop just won’t behave.

Some VIPs end up looking bedraggled when their manes get caught in bad weather. Others appear to leave their houses in the morning without drying their locks.

Jennifer Aniston’s super-sleek ‘do blows across her face as she battles against strong winds. Claudia Schiffer is hidden behind her blonde tendrils when they’re hit by a gust.

It doesn’t look as though Maggie Gyllenhaal had enough time to blast her mane with a hairdryer when she’s snapped with messy damp ends.

Beyonce Knowles is photographed with soggy locks after a day at the beach.

Other stars unwittingly turn up at swanky dos with over-coiffured celebrity hair. Denise Richards’ gravity-defying up-do resembles a toilet brush while Elle Macpherson gets a tad too excited by her crimpers.

Kristen Stewart is scary with a greasy mullet.

A number of the famous faces in our gallery could do with a trip to the salon. Mischa Barton’s tendrils are in dire need of conditioner and Miley Cyrus’s extensions are looking rough.

However, a few stars are probably wishing they hadn’t gone for a snip. Sarah Harding channels Star Trek’s Mr Spock with a blunt short style and Paris Hilton is sporting very uneven layers.

Then there are those who have awkward moments after styling their hair into up-dos. Mariah Carey and Khloe Kardashian both give themselves Croydon facelifts with super-tight ponytails.

But it’s not only women who have celebrity hair nightmares.

Chris Martin’s overgrown curls desperately require some attention, Brad Pitt has a very straggly beard and Justin Timberlake is far from a ladies’ man with frizzy hair and bum-fluff.

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