Some famous faces find their packages hard to control...

Some men find their packages pretty hard to control.

For some male stars, they can’t help showcasing a little bit of a celebrity bulge when wearing certain trousers.

It might be a figure-hugging costume for a movie that unwittingly puts their trousersnake on display. This is exactly what happens to Chris Evans when he dons his clingy superhero suit in 2005 film The Fantastic Four.

Henry Cavill is in a similar situation as Superman in 2013’s Man Of Steel, while Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman ensemble leaves little to the imagination.

Hottie Dermot O’Leary’s celebrity bulge has become rather famous thanks to eagle-eyed viewers noticing his slightly overstretched trousers on The X Factor.

Meanwhile, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ben Cohen have got their sportsmen’s bodies out for sexy underwear shoots. But it isn’t just their rippling muscles which please fans in the photos.

For guys with sizeable appendages, there’s also the risk of suffering a celebrity bulge disaster on the red carpet.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth Rogen and Mario Lopez have all accidentally put their private parts on parade while wearing smart suit trousers at swanky showbiz events.

Form-fitting jeans can also be an issue, as Mark Wahlberg, Tom Daley, Kellan Lutz, Ryan Lochte and Shia LaBeouf have discovered.

And it seems there’s no escape for certain well-endowed stars – their bulges are sometimes even revealed when they try to cover up in loose clothing.

Robbie Williams’ manhood can be seen underneath a pair of jogging bottoms and Brad Pitt’s is spotted below baggy linen kecks.

It looks like energetic on-stage performances can lead to Justin Bieber’s johnson being displaced, and even a walk down the street is a tad dangerous for well-endowed Mad Men star Jon Hamm.