Stars munching on their favourite grub

We can’t help but enjoy witnessing a star food frenzy.

It’s always interesting to discover celebrity eating habits. We’d expect a number of the VIPs in our gallery to munch on healthy cuisine but it’s refreshing to see others devouring slightly naughtier dishes.

Keeping it nutritious, Russell Brand stays energised at his book signing with a banana while Helena Bonham Carter chows down on a salad in LA.

Meanwhile, Nicole Richie munches a tasty-looking burger at lunch, Kate Hudson snacks on a packet of crisps during filming and Tulisa Contostavlos grabs some greasy grub as she makes a TV appearance.

Quite a few famous faces can’t resist an ice cream.

Michelle Keegan, Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Tisdale, Duffy and Miley Cyrus are amongst the girls photographed cooling down with gelato. Kim Kardashian samples a sorbet at a New York party.

Knowing that they’re being snapped eating food, star names including Simon Cowell delicately pick at their meals. However, some are happy to be spotted getting stuck in.

A shy celebrity eating, actor Ryan Thomas tries to go incognito while having breakfast in Manchester. Sarah Jessica Parker picks at her portion on the set of Sex And The City 2.

But Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt aren’t afraid to re-create a scene from Lady And The Tramp in LA and Harry Styles stuffs his face with takeaway lunch in London.

Despite being a super-slim star, food is clearly important to Hayden Panettiere. She happily indulges in a cupcake at a pre-Emmy party.

A few famous faces really aren’t bothered about showing how much they’re enjoying their nosh.

Model Alice Dellal licks her fingers while chomping on an ice cream cone and Janice Dickinson uses her digits to clean her teeth after washing down her muffin with coffee.

One particularly excited celebrity eating is Zac Efron, who manages to balance his tasty iced donut in his mouth with no hands.