See pictures of the stars who dare to bare their knee wrinkles...

Celebrities aren’t always gorgeous from top to toe. Look closely when
the stars are getting their pins out in short dresses and you might
notice that many of them are the owners of distinctly knobbly knees. Eek!

We’ve uncovered pictures showing the famous ladies whose legs are prone to a bit of knee wrinkling.

culprit is Catherine Zeta-Jones, who wears a cute mini as she strolls
around New York with daughter Carys in May 2010. But the actress’s pale
limbs certainly aren’t the bee’s knees.

Younger stars are just as likely to get knobbly knees.
TOWIE’s Lauren Pope reveals some wrinkling above her bronzed kneecaps
in a sexy body-con get-up outside the SBTV Christmas Party in December

Eva Longoria has also displayed prominent bony bits on her
pins whilst out and about in a pair of tiny leather hot pants in New

Our photos show that other celebrities have equally unusual
kneecaps. Gwyneth Paltrow unveils some oddly-shaped knees in a black
frock at The Conversation launch party in May 2012, detracting from her
stylish outfit.

Meanwhile Sarah Jessica Parker’s knobbly knees are pure skin and bone, but Jennifer Lawrence’s limbs are a bit lumpy.

matched your outfit to your legs? Model Cindy Crawford makes this
unfortunate fashion error with a leather bag and saggy kneecaps.

Nicole Kidman and Paris Hilton both seem unafraid to flaunt their bony
pins in revealing outfits. Angelina Jolie also gets her knobbly knees out in a black short dress for a promotional event in LA.

Anderson makes an attempt to hide at Heathrow Airport in April 2012,
with sunglasses covering her eyes. But the ex-Baywatch babe happily
leaves her wobbly limbs out on display.

It seems that no female celebrity is immune to knobbly knees!