The stars' most embarrassing moments caught on camera

Even celebrities can have some very funny pictures taken of them.

It might seem as though celebs always look perfect, but we’ve proven they sometimes have off-days with our selection of funny star photos.

A range of things have led to these silly snaps being taken of people in the spotlight.

But one thing’s for sure – they’re definitely all shots they don’t want you to see.

In some of our funny star pictures, famous guys and girls unwittingly pull hilarious faces for the camera.

This is what happens to Cat Deeley, Rihanna, Fiona Phillips, Helena Bonham Carter, Rachel Weisz and Heather Mills.

Others appear to be having sneaky picks of their noses.

Noel Fielding isn’t shy about sticking his finger up a nostril, while it looks like Daniel Craig is using his hand to stem a runny nose.

Kirsten Dunst scratches her snout, David Tennant relieves an itch and Prince William forgets anyone’s looking when he has a rummage up his hooter.

In some of our funny pictures, unfortunate celebs have been spotted taking a tumble.

Melinda Messenger is glad she’s not wearing a mini skirt when she falls down on the pavement, while Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz lives up to his band’s name.

Agyness Deyn stumbles on the catwalk, Nicola McLean looks wobbly walking down stairs in heels and Cher trips over on the red carpet.

Luckily for Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale saves her from an embarrassing fall.

Long hair is an issue for a few famous faces.

Katherine Heigl’s curly locks get blown upwards in a gust of strong wind, Katie Price has trouble keeping her ‘do off her face and Cheryl Cole’s tendrils end up in her eyes.

Other awkward issues these celebs have in our funny pictures include make-up disasters, showing off sweat patches and getting nosebleeds.

Read on to check out all the funny star shockers on our list…

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