These shockers really made us giggle

As we all know from watching him on TOWIE, Joey Essex comes up with some hilarious comments.

Since rising to fame on the reality show, he’s really made us giggle with his unique thoughts.

Joey made the programme’s viewers laugh in 2011 when he revealed one of his most famous tricks to look good – buying trainers a size too small so they don’t ‘get creased’.

The loveable star explained: ‘Yeah isn’t that what everyone else does?’

Joey often confused his TOWIE co-stars. He once ended up in a particularly funny conversation about girls with Mario Falcone.

Mario had no idea what Joey was talking about when he referred to the opposite sex as ‘salty potatoes’.

Joey’s explanation led to a very silly exchange. Read on to check out the pair’s full conversation.

Some of the most well-known names in the UK mean nothing to Joey.

He admitted on Celebrity Juice in 2013 that he thought Richard and Judy were the ‘ones who created the world’.

On the panel show, he also revealed that he’d never seen Elton John before.

Joey clearly doesn’t have much interest in Shakespeare. When asked who Romeo’s girlfriend is in Romeo and Juliet, he replies: ‘Obviously Romeo.’

And he hasn’t studied the Bible, either. Joey reckons Jesus’s mum is named ‘Zeezus’!

His dippy thoughts haven’t only been heard on TOWIE. Joey Essex gave us more laughs when he appeared on I’m A Celebrity in 2013.

He asked his fellow contestants who the prime minister of Essex was and caused controversy when he revealed that he didn’t know how to blow his nose.

We’re not surprised after seeing his antics on TOWIEJoey Essex was pretty concerned about his appearance in the camp.

He was worried that crabs may ruin his hairdo as they have ‘clippers’!

Check out all our favourite Joey Essex quotes…

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