We take a look at Alicia’s lovers over time

Alicia Douvall is famed for her dating history. The glamour model has hooked up with several celebrities over the years and hasn’t shied away from telling the world about her famous lovers.

Our gallery takes a look at the many men Alicia claims to have dated during her time.

Whether it’s been a long-term relationship or a saucy fling, the blonde star has certainly had a lot of romantic encounters.

Not all of Alicia’s partners are well-known though. Her love life gets off to a rocky start when, at the tender age of 16, she falls pregnant by her unknown boyfriend.

According to Alicia, she soon discovers that the father of her child is seeing another woman and he subsequently leaves the country, leaving her to raise her daughter Georgia alone.

After finding fame as a model in the early 2000s, Alicia Douvall starts getting involved with a series of famous guys.

In 2001 she is left unimpressed by her lovers Dean Gaffney and Mick Hucknall but sings the praises of Simon Cowell, later calling him her ‘best ever lover’.

She causes a stir by claiming to have gotten pregnant by US star P Diddy in 2002, though later says she has miscarried.

A fling with DJ Toby Anstis follows. Alicia alleges she’s engaged to basketball star Dennis Rodman in 2004 but he denies the claim.

The blonde starlet is linked to the likes of Mickey Rourke, Lee Ryan and Calum Best in the years that follow.

In 2011 she reveals that she’s expecting a baby, naming former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan as the father. Daughter Papaya arrives later in the year.

Relationships often seem to bring difficulties for Alicia Douvall. In 2013 the model is allegedly attacked by a mystery ex-boyfriend while driving with Papaya through London.

She admits that her body dysmorphia disorder and addiction to plastic surgery affect her dating life.

‘I’m not in a relationship because no man wants to be with an obsessive who wants to have surgery every week,’ Alicia confesses.

The model says she is single when she enters the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2015.

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