The action man shows us where he holes up when he's back from his travels


Travel junkie Ben Fogle invites us to take a look around the west London home he shares with wife Marina, son Ludo and daughter Iona.

‘We exchanged contracts on this house while we were on honeymoon in the Outer Hebrides in 2006 and we’ve been doing it up ever since,’ the New Lives In The Wild host says.

Adventurous Ben has really thought about the layout of his pad.

‘People are always surprised to hear that I’m addicted to interior design magazines – but I am,’ he tells us.

‘Because I spend half my life lying on desert or jungle floors, I have to have a home I love. There’s nothing better than coming home to this after a trip to the desert or the jungle.’

The presenter’s globetrotting has filtered through to his home life.

‘I’ve got a bit of a thing about maps, so we’ve got maps all over the house,’ New Lives In The Wild star Ben explains.

‘Even in the bathroom 
and our little boy Ludo’s room.’

Ben’s wife Marina doesn’t always approve of his eclectic tastes though as he likes to regularly ‘rejig’ things in the house and enjoys doing DIY.

Luckily the New Lives In The Wild host treated his love to a huge clock for her 30th birthday which she was thrilled with and it now adorns the wall.

‘It’s French but I found 
it in a salvage yard in London,’ says Ben.

‘It was so big I couldn’t get it indoors so I had to wrap it in a blanket and present it to Marina in the garden. She loved it.’

Ben also has fond memories of the travel mementoes from his polar trek that decorate the house, including a snap of himself with a huge beard.