We take a look at Chemmy's riverside retreat

Professional skier and Dancing On Ice contestant Chemmy Alcott gives Now a tour of her beautiful home.

Chemmy lives in a three-bedroom house on the River Thames near Kingston with Dougie Crawford who is also in the British ski team.

Due to its close proximity to the river, Chemmy and her man’s cosy bedroom – which has been painted a bold shade of blue – boasts a breathtaking view.

Chemmy’s love for colour is evident elsewhere in the pair’s abode as we find a pastel coffee machine in the kitchen and an array of warm red cushions strewn across a window seat in the front room.

The pretty blonde likes to relax on her window seat with her guitar. Other furnishings in Chemmy’s living room include a sumptuous chair upholstered in a monochrome floral fabric.

As we snoop around, it becomes clear that skier Chemmy Alcott is very into art.

We come across stunning abstract piece of artwork that the talented skier painted herself. The pretty piece adds interest to a classic cream wall.

The staircase has also been decorated with a Banksy-inspired mural showing a little girl letting go of a heart-shaped balloon.

Keen to bring a quirky twist to the interior of the property, skier Chemmy Alcott has found a cool way to store her jewellery.

She hangs her boho gems from door handles.