We have a nose around the actress's uber-glam house

Actress Claire Sweeney invites us to have a look around her glamorous home.

The gorgeous house is near the River Thames and boasts 4 bedrooms.

‘I missed Liverpool and the Mersey when I moved to London, so I wanted a place near the river,’ she tells us.

‘One of the great things about this house is the wooden floors. In my last home, I had a DIY disaster involving a cream carpet and some blue paint.’

Claire Sweeney
knew the pad was the right property for her within moments of stepping inside.

‘When I saw this place, it felt so right – it was bright and spacious, with a walk-in wardrobe and a little terrace out the back.’

The walk-in closet houses the Liverpudlian’s incredible collection of shoes and bags.

As we wander around, it becomes clear that Claire is proud of her career. She’s lined the walls of her with memorabilia from her theatre shows.

There are also lots of framed snaps of the brunette with celebrities she’s become close to throughout her time in the spotlight, including Cilla Black.

Claire allows us to have a peek inside her bedroom and the first thing we notice is a grand double bed.

‘I’ve got an amazing bed in my room. It cost £13,000 in Selfridges,’ she says.

‘I’d never pay that, but a few weeks later I saw the bed at a trade exhibition and the maker gave me a big discount.’

But although Claire Sweeney adores her bed, there are plenty of other items she’d rescue first if her house was engulfed by flames.

‘If there was a fire, I’d grab two things: first, my Prada music case, a gift from Carol Vorderman,’ she admits.

‘I keep all my sheet music in it – as long as I’ve got my music I can always sing on cruise ships.

The second thing Claire Sweeney would save in a fire is her theatre dressing room case.

‘I keep cod liver oil capsules, Lemsip, throat sweets, echinacea, flu remedies, red lippy, bruise ointment, vitamin C, a G-string, my toothbrush and tons more.

‘It’s all I need to keep the show on the road!’