Journalist and presenter Dawn invites us to have a nose around her cosy house


Dawn Porter invites Now to take a snoop inside the cosy house she shares with husband Chris O’Dowd and their dog Potato and cat Lilu.

When the couple were searching for properties, they only looked at areas within easy reach of the capital.

‘We made a rule only to go for things no more than an hour’s drive from London,’ explains Dawn.

‘Chris can only drive an automatic, so I had to have a drive around like a white van man.’

Dawn Porter and Chris O’Dowd settled on south London and fell in love with the pad they eventually purchased within minutes of arriving to view it.  

‘This house felt like home the moment I saw it. There were three bedrooms and a big garden but it needed updating.

‘An old man, a sculptor, had lived here for 20 years and he wasn’t the domestic type. Every room needed work and we still haven’t finished.’

Even though there’s still work to be done, Chris quickly got busy improving the floorboards.

‘Chris sanded all the downstairs floors himself,’ Dawn tells us.

‘It was a terrible job but they look so good.’

Dawn is a big fan of vintage style and this becomes obvious as we explore the different rooms.

Furnishings we spy include a retro lamp, old suitcase, typewriter and quirky breast-shaped vase.

Luckily, Dawn Porter and Chris O’Dowd have the same taste.

‘We don’t like modern stuff and got all our furniture second-hand on eBay.

‘Our sofa was a great buy – my auntie says it’s from a well-known designer – but it was so heavy Chris paid £20 to a man in a nearby café to help us carry it in from the van.

‘It’d started snowing and as they were lifting the sofa out the poor man slipped and the sofa fell on him. Luckily, he wasn’t badly hurt.’

Setting up home together hasn’t always gone smoothly for Dawn Porter and Chris O’Dowd.

‘A year ago, I heard a big thud upstairs. I thought burgulars had broken in but when I went up to look i found the whole bedroom window had fallen out into the garden,’ says Dawn.

‘Amazingly, the glass hadn’t even broken. We’re so busy we still haven’t had time to fix it properly.’

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