Presenter Laura opens up the doors to her new London love nest

Laura Whitmore lets Now snoop around the Camden pad she shares with boyfriend Danny O’Reilly.

‘I’ve been living here with my boyfriend Danny, who’s in Irish band The Coronas, for three months,’ she says.

‘I wanted to stay in Camden because I’ve been here since I moved to London four years ago and it’s such a buzzing area.

‘It took us a while to find the right place because halfway through looking, I had to go off to Australia for I’m A Celebrity.’

and her boyfriend both had strong ideas about what features they were looking for when it came to choosing somewhere to settle.

‘Danny wanted wooden floors while I wanted an open fireplace and lots of wardrobe space because previously I’d shared a house with five people,’ she tells us.

‘Also, because I’m a bit bossy when I’m cooking, I made it a priority to find a home with a nice kitchen.’

As well as boasting many cute trinkets, an Audrey Hepburn canvas and a comfy brown sofa, an Olympic torch can also be found inside Laura’s flat.

‘Quite a few people have candle holders in their flats, but none like mine – I have an Olympic torch,’ she exclaims.

‘And no, I didn’t buy it on eBay – I ran through Huntingdon with it as an ambassador for MTV. It was so exciting but it went in such a blur.

‘I’d planned to jog slowly to make the moment last but when it came, I forgot and just ran!’

Laura and Danny are obviously proud of their place as they spent lots of time entertaining pals.

‘I do love having loads of people over. When the Republic of Ireland played Spain at the Euro 2012 footy tournament, about 12 of our friends came to watch the match.

‘I made mini sausage rolls and a dip with six layers, including chopped lettuce, tomatoes, soft cheese, eggs and ham.

‘Ireland did very badly in the match but we’d had such a good time eating, we didn’t really care.’