The TOWIE star takes us on a tour around her new girly pad

TOWIE star Lauren Goodger takes us on a guided tour of her Essex home in 2012.

She moved into the apartment after breaking up with fiancé Mark Wright.

‘I was so pleased when I found this place not far from my salon Lauren’s Way,’ says Lauren.

‘I didn’t want a house – as a single girl I wanted people nearby to make me feel safe and security gates outside.’

TOWIE’s Lauren loves being able to relax in her own space.

‘It was really nice to have my own, more feminine flat that I could do up to express the real me,’ she says.

‘I’m a warm, friendly person. I can talk to anyone and I wanted my home to reflect that.’

Lauren had a great time choosing different pieces of furniture such as her shiny bedside table and a pretty heart that hangs from one of her door handles.

‘I moved in a week before Christmas and it was completely empty, so Mum and I went to this shop called Regency Furniture in Romford and bought the lot – bed, mirrored side tables, dining room furniture, sofa, rug.

‘The mirrored chest of drawers makes my bedroom look bigger. I bought so much they gave me a half-price discount!’

Another grand feature in Lauren’s boudoir is a closet full of her amazing clothes and bags.

‘My mates are well jel of my spacious wardrobe,’ she proudly tells us.

When she’s not filming TOWIE, Lauren enjoys staying in with her friends and a glass of champagne.

‘It’s the ideal place for girly sleepovers.’

The TOWIE girl’s property is so lovely that even her ex has popped in for a visit.

‘I like to relax with soft candlelight. Mark’s been round a few times and he was impressed,’ says Lauren. ‘He said he was proud of me.

‘In fact I think he’s a little bit jealous because it’s nicer than his place!

‘The thing I miss most now is our little dog Wrighty.’