We have a nose around the Access Hollywood host's penthouse


Access Hollywood host Tim Vincent gives us a tour round his movie memorabilia-filled home.

The west London penthouse has 2 bedrooms and an additional secret cupboard bed!

‘My girlfriend Michelle is a property developer and she helped me find this flat. I wanted lots of light and space so when this penthouse came up it was ideal,’ he tells us.

‘It hadn’t been renovated, so we could do it up exactly as we wanted.’

Tim has decorated his place with some unusual items, like the life-size ‘death mask’ model of his head kept in a glass box in the living room.

‘When I was selling my last property the estate agent said: “Can you put away that head thing? It might put people off,”‘ the Access Hollywood presenter says.

‘It’s from the film Sorted, in which my character winds up dead. They used wax to make a model of my head, all bloated to look like I’d been in the water for days.’

Tim admits he likes heads and has skulls and a wooden carving of a head in his penthouse.

The TV star also has some peculiar life-size replicas of Terracotta Army soldiers.

‘I interviewed Jet Li on the set of The Mummy, where they’d made the replicas,’ says Tim.

‘I was told that after filming most would be destroyed. I said that was a shame, then back home a few weeks later, this big box turned up with a Terracotta Warrior inside.

‘A few days later, they sent another one!’

Other furnishings in the Access Hollywood star’s pad include a huge bookcase storing showbiz autobiographies and a pretty chandelier to give light in the kitchen.

Tim also has a ‘little shrine’ to actor and novelist David Niven, his dream dinner party guest.