Check out these top drunken celebrity pics! Eeesh!

It’s 1 February, which means #dryjanuary is officially, 100-per-cent, well and truly, OVER. 

Hallelujah! No more heading home at 10pm after sipping on endless glasses of lemon-infused tonic water. Boring.

To celebrate 31 days of sober-ness, we’ve gathered together some blimmin’ brilliant drunken celebrity pics.

While we don’t condone extreme drunkenness and always advise everyone to drink responsibly, these celebrities have clearly had one too many glasses of prosecco.

Check out Lauren Goodger’s boozy taxi snap. The TOWIE lady obviously has a lotta love to give.

Katie Price was a right party animal back-in-the-day and on several occasions, the now mum-of-five was snapped leaving nightclubs looking a little sloshed. Oh, and those lips!

While some celebrities become angry when under-the-influence (yup, Jodie Marsh’s angry taxi snap makes us flinch with fear), others are just lovin’ life.

Actress Lindsay Lohan looks like she’s having a whale of a time in this dance floor piccy and let’s not forget Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace’s night-out antics.

Aisleyne actually nabbed a photographer’s camera on one night and took a turn behind the paparazzi lens! She’s also a fan of a piggyback… take a look at this hilarious pic of Aisleyne straddling a man’s back. Pull that skirt down lady teehee!

Check out Cheryl Cole’s Twitter pic of herself with Girls Aloud band mates, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts. How do they make their just-taken-a-shot face look so good!?

Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby is another fun-lovin’ drunk. Her crazy tongue-out photomakes us want to party with Charlotte fo’ sure 

On the other end of the drunken scale, there are some famous faces who just look totally smashed.

Chantelle Houghton is one of them; she looks phased out in our gallery pic. Nicola McLean also looks a bit worse-for-wear as she totters down some steps in those HUGE heels.

Then there’s Hele Flanagan who is desperately grabbing onto the taxi seat, obviously in a bid to avoid falling straight back out on to the pavement. Yikes!