We take a look at Josie's south London home

Famous after winning the 2010 series of Big Brother, Josie Gibson gives us a tour of her stunning home.

‘I used to live in a flat that was supposed to be lovely because it had a view of the Thames, but that’s all it had going for it,’ she tells us.

‘It was too poky and dull.

Josie loves to jet all over the world so has a huge map of the globe in her living room to remind her of her trips.

‘Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve always had a big map on the wall. I love to look at maps. I used to put a pin in all the places I’d been to and I’ve travelled quite a lot,’ she explains.

‘Funnily enough, I used to want to go to Australia but I’ve gone right off it now…’

The blonde hooked up with Aussie John James Parton during her time on Big Brother. Josie Gibson and John James split in 2011.

Josie – who is now loved-up with Luke Sanwo – has plenty of stunning items inside her pad but there’s a very special keepsake hanging in the kitchen.

‘I was given my Bristol flag at a car boot sale just after I got out of the Big Brother house,’ she tells us.

‘I was walking round and this man said: “You’ve done us proud, Josie. I want you to have this!”

‘Bristol still means a lot to me, so I keep the flag on display to remind me of my roots. After all, Lukey and me have put in an offer on a house there…’

Unlike her shared bedroom on Big Brother, Josie Gibson has a spacious boudoir all to herself.

‘Recently I splashed out on one of those memory foam mattresses. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought,’ she says.

‘I get a really bad back sometimes. When I was about 11 I fell off a horse going over a jump and it was so painful I fainted. Maybe that’s what left me with back trouble.’

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