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Chantelle Houghton and Preston meet on the fourth series of Celebrity Big Brother in January 2006.

The pair form a close bond, fuelling speculation that they’re more than friends, despite Preston being in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Camille Aznar.

Preston proposes to Camille a week after being evicted from the house but breaks off the engagement a month later.

Luckily for Chantelle, Camille doesn’t blame her for the split.

‘I could tell she was infatuated with him. But I don’t hold anger towards Chantelle. I’m not a victim,’ she says.

Chantelle and Preston
start dating and get engaged in April 2006.

They marry at London’s Dartmouth House four months later and move to Preston’s flat in Brighton. Chantelle opens up about how happy she is.

‘I’ve spent the past 10 months living my dream. I’ve had my own TV show, been featured in countless magazines and, most important of all, found true love and happiness,’ she reveals.

However, the lovebird’s marriage reportedly deteriorates over spring 2007 and they’re heard rowing.

Chantelle and Preston announce their break-up in June 2007.

‘After much soul-searching and tearful discussions we have sadly decided to end our marriage,’ they say in a press release.

The pair deny that their marriage was a mistake, telling fans: ‘We did have a whirlwind romance but we were genuinely in love.’

In October 2008, Chantelle dubs Preston a ‘love rat’ but he reveals a year later that they’re on ‘good terms’.

They both go on to date other people before being locked up together again for Ultimate Big Brother in August 2010.

On the reality show, Chantelle says she thinks she’ll ‘always’ love her ex-hubby but insists there’s absolutely no possibility [of a reunion] as Preston has a girlfriend.

She moves on by having baby Dolly with cage fighter Alex Reid in 2012, although they end their relationship shortly after.

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