From low cut frocks to TOTALLY see-through tops - these famous ladies know how to show off their boobs as curves make a comeback

Boobs are back, people! It’s official!

Yep, we’re thrilled to say that lots of our favourite stars are totally owning their curves right now and aren’t afraid to show it.


Anybody worried that shapely busts had disappeared from the showbiz scene needn’t fear – as our pictures above prove, several celebs are showcasing some seriously curvy cleavage right now!

And they’re not afraid to do so in a rather saucy fashion either. These ladies have chosen a variety of daring outfit choices to highlight their impressive chests, ranging from low-cut frocks to completely see-through tops (yes, we’re looking at you, Rihanna).

Our gallery features tons of stars including Nicola McLean displaying her ample assets in a plunging black gown during a night out in London. Her pals Maria Fowler and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace join her for the occasion and are also both unafraid to show quite a bit of boobage!


The reality TV crowd certainly know how to work their curves. Check out Lauren Goodger and TOWIE’s Danielle Armstrong definitely owns the ‘boobs are back’ message whilst Rita Ora  confidently bares her chest in a mesh number when heading out and about in New York and while glamming it up on the red carpet.

It’s not just the stars of television who’re celebrating their cleavage though. Check out Britney Spears‘ brilliant bust, Beyonce giving it some boob, Kim Kardashian just being Kim and Christina Aguilera‘s shapely situation!

Age is no barrier to the boobage either. Halle Berry, 49, shows off her bosoms and incredible figure in a totally transparent ensemble and Madonna, 57, makes the most of her assets in a risqué corset. TV’s Natalie Dormer goes for a similar look in period dress for her role in raunchy drama The Scandalous Lady W.

And a gallery celebrating boobs wouldn’t be complete without Rihanna, who is never afraid to show more than a little skin. This time the singer goes braless in a delicate white top and leaves little to the imagination.

Click through our pictures above to see just why boobs are seriously back on the scene!