Who would even do this?

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is low key one of the most disgusting shows on TV.

Sure you have things like Geordie Shore on MTV throwing all old school morals out the window or Jackass (repeats) seeing people hurt themselves in the most gratuitous way possible but this is I’m a Celebrity.

On ITV. ITV is for Downton Abbey and to make your Nan shut up at Christmas and then here we are at 9pm with people eating literal anuses. What’s worse is that we make our “celebrities” shove spiders and a kangaroo’s testicle and… actually it’s probably the best show on TV.

lovely-sarcastic-katy-perry-reaction-gif I'm a Celebrity

Even Katy Perry loves bushtucker trials, probably


MORE: WATCH Scarlett Moffatt and Carol Vorderman’s first eating Bushtucker trial – it’s EPIC!

Anyway, we make these people eat these atrocious foods for too much money and a little bit of fame for a reason. A reason so strong that we nominated Gillian McKeith do every single trial despite her “fainting” at the first sign of trouble.

The faces. Try not vomit as you see these celebs, from Scarlett Moffatt’s most expressive face in the world to Ferne McCann gagging on a live creepy spider, attempt to eat nature’s most disgusting objects.

Also, PETA, you might not want to see this…