There's nothing like a furry friend with a wet nose. Check out all the stars who adore a mutt...

Whether it’s a tiny Chihuahua or a bulky Golden Retriever, stars love a pet dog. And it’s reassuring to know that they take pride in calling their pet pooch their best friend too.

Cute Cocker Spaniels, sweet Cavaliers and fluffy Toy Poodles are a few of the breeds that have made it into a Hollywood household and have undoubtedly experienced the celebrity treatment of being pampered.

Paris Hilton treats herself to a new Yorkshire Terrier after a stint in jail, taking her new accessory for a stroll on the beach. And Hilary Duff carries her pup in a blanket, while actress Jessica Biel chooses to reject the trend for cute little canines. She opts for tougher looking mutts including American Pit Bull Terrier Tina and Bulldog East, from her relationship with Chris Evans.

However, it’s not just the ladies who like to carry or walk their celebrity dog, but the hot men too.

Take Orlando Bloom, for example, who bought home and rescued his canine Sidi from Morocco where he had been busy shooting the film Kingdom Of Heaven.

Or Ryan Gosling, who – disappointingly for the female fans out there – is besotted with his crossbreed celebrity dog George.

But just like it’s important for the celebs to take their pets out for walks to ensure they get plenty of exercise, it’s just as important for the pups to look good and match their owner’s outfits. After all they are the property of A-listers.
This is especially true for Daisy Lowe who coordinates her scarf with her celebrity dog Monty’s lead. And Miranda Kerr, who ensures her mini Yorkie Frankie always looks immaculate – just like herself – with a clean and shiny coat.