See which stars look better with age and those that really don't...

Celebrities who have been around for a long time age in front of our eyes and many of our favourite stars look dramatically different to their young selves now that they’re older.

Madonna is famed for constantly reinventing herself and had a fierce image when she burst onto the scene aged 26 after the release of Like A Virgin. But the singer, now in her 50s, often looks tired these days.

Some stars turn to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to stay looking young – Cher, Dolly Parton and Sharon Osbourne are amongst those who admit to having more than the odd nip and tuck.

Celebrities like Pete Burns and Joan Rivers are almost unrecognisable from what they looked like when they were young having transformed themselves with surgical help.

Others prefer to age naturally – Dame Judi Dench was beautiful in her 30s and continues to stun in her 70s, while Sarah Jessica Parker has really grown into her looks.

George Clooney proves that many male celebrities just get hotter as they get older. Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis and Sean Connery have all aged well too.

Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford, now in his 70s, admits he’s quite aware of the ageing process taking place.

?You know you’re getting old when all the names in your black book have MD [Doctor Of Medicine] after them,’ says Harrison.

Many stars seem happy to have grown in confidence over time, with Michelle Pfeiffer revealing that she lacked confidence with boys when she was young.

?I wasn’t a terribly feminine little girl,’ admits Michelle. ‘I never thought I was attractive to boys; I remember when the first boy liked me, I couldn’t believe it. All the little girls with ringlets and crinoline dresses were the ones the boys liked.’

It’s fascinating to see how celebrities have changed with age.