Even the world's biggest stars can't escape the orange peel…

Even the world’s biggest stars can’t escape celebrity cellulite.

These famous faces may be rocking some super-sexy bodies, but they still suffer from orange peel.

Can you guess which girls have been showcasing their dimples in our quiz?

Some confident celebs put their wobbly bits on full display by donning teeny bikini bottoms on the beach.

Others accidentally reveal a little too much when their skimpy shorts, skirts and dresses rise up in front of the camera.

This can be a problem for singers performing energetic dance routines on stage, as one hot diva discovers when she rocks a pair of buttock-skimming hot pants to belt out a tune.

Nights out on the town are also common occasions for girls in the spotlight to end up flashing more than they desire.

It’s very unfortunate when stars’ celebrity cellulite is caught when they’re crossing their legs or sitting in an unflattering position.

They’d be very lucky if their pins looked super-toned at those awkward angles.

For some unlucky women, their skin wrinkles can appear in more difficult places to cover up.

One of our stars is sporting an unfortunate patch of celebrity cellulite on her upper arm, while another appears to have a slightly saggy knee.

A particularly brave model shows every inch of her bum imperfections when she goes out in public wearing nothing but a white G-string.

She doesn’t look too comfortable in the risqué get-up, appearing to be trying to adjust a wedgie in our all-seeing snap.

Which celebrity do you think would be daring enough to step out in such little clothing?

Read on to have a guess in our celebrity cellulite quiz, starting with this question…

Which singer adds a case of orange peel to her list of troubles?