Check out these celebrity kids going from little cuties to mini grown-ups…

The life of celebrity kids must be pretty awesome. Not only are your parents cooler than everyone else’s, take you on amazing holidays and dead fancy parties, and kit you out in the most stylish clobber, you also get to inherit their totally top-notch genes. 
OH WE’RE NOT JEALOUS. *Thinks back to hand me down clothes and home fringe cuts
Actually we are. We really are. Can an A-lister adopt us and make us one of those celebrity kids, please? 
Brooklyn Beckham, 15, has gone from cute faced and chubby cheeked, to being a total dreamboat who’s got it dad’s looks and style. Seriously Brooks, hurry up and be old enough for us to guilt-free ogle at.
Another hottie on the horizon is Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s son Rocco, 14. As a young ’un, Rocco had his dad’s cheeky smile which he’s kept til today. And now he looks like it’ll break a lot of young girls’ hearts. 
Representing the girls we’ve got some real gorgeous faces. There’s Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber, who at just 12 is already following in her mum’s supermodel footsteps with her striking features.
Then there’s Lorraine Kelly’s daughter, Rosie, who at 20 is the spitting image of her mum and as cute as a button. 
It’s crazy to think that when we were first introduced to Kendall Jenner, 18, she was just known as Kim Kardashian’s naughty little sister. And now she’s a total glamazon, who towers over her older sisters, wows on catwalks all over the world and graces the covers of coolest magazines. 
Then there’s Miss Rumer Willis, 26. When we first saw Bruce and Demi’s little girl, she was the awkward kid on the red carpet with the matching GI Jane hair crop like her mum. Flash forward to today and she’s becoming major player in Hollywood, with amazing style to boot.
Check out who else is in our gallery of the celebrity kids who are all grown up…