Take a look at the amazing things stars have inked on their bodies

We love seeing a new star tattoo.

It’s pretty hard to find a celebrity who doesn’t have any ink and lots of famous faces have more than one piece on their bodies.

From graceful calligraphy to cool symbols and pretty designs, the guys and girls in our gallery have a range of star tattoo etchings.

Some pieces of body art are tiny, such as the musical notes on Lea Michele’s back and an easily-hidden star on Hilary Duff’s neck.

Tom Daley had a tasteful Olympic rings motif put permanently on his bicep days after winning a bronze medal in the 2012 games.

Other celebrity tattoos are much larger.

Cheryl Cole has ginormous roses across her bum and lower back, Robbie Williams is rocking hard-to-miss pieces and McFly’s Danny and Dougie both sport arm half-sleeves.

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D has most of his back covered by colourful ink.

Quite a few of these celebrity tattoos are meaningful for their owners.

Victoria Beckham owns a Hebrew tattoo going from her neck down her spine, which she got to mark her and David’s sixth wedding anniversary in 2005.

It’s a quote from Song Of Solomon 6:3 and means: ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine: he browses among the lilies.’

Angelina Jolie is inked with the international map co-ordinates detailing where her children were born.

She also has a Buddhist prayer written in Khmer script for her son Maddox and an M on the palm of her hand as a tribute to her late mother Marcheline.

While most love their celebrity tattoos, a few people on our list regret visiting the parlour.

Helen Mirren hates the symbol etched on her hand and admits she was ‘very, very drunk’ when she got it.

Mel C says she’d discourage her daughter Scarlet from getting a tattoo and is looking into getting some of hers removed.

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