See how the pair's relationship has progressed over the years

Since hitting the spotlight on MTV reality show Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle have had a tumultuous relationship.

The pair started seeing one another on-and-off at the start of the show in 2011 but finally put an end to things in 2013. They’ve since remained pals.

Our gallery takes a look at how the couple’s friendship has blossomed over the years.

As we show, Gary Beadle admits that he finds it hard living in the same house as Charlotte Crosby in February 2012.

‘Me and Charlotte live with each other so you wake up and they’re there. You can’t escape it,’ he explains.

‘She’s there every single time you come in. I might go to bed and Charlotte might come to bed just to cuddle us and it happens again.’

But Gary confesses that he does have a soft spot for his housemate.

‘I love Charlotte and she loves me. I know she does, I don’t care what anyone says. We do love each other,’ he says.

Confirming her fondness for her housemate on Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby jokingly asks Gary to wed her in a WhatsApp conversation.

‘Will you marry me?’ she quips.

Gary responds: ‘Hahahaha @Charlottegshore u never fail to surprise me…’

Despite Charlotte’s feelings for Gaz, she’s made him feel envious on multiple occasions.

Out for his birthday while filming Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby attempts to make Gary feel jealous in July 2012.

‘I got another guy and I invited him out to Gary’s birthday just to make him jealous. All the other girls were telling me to go for it and now was my chance,’ she says.

When Gary finds out Charlotte has started seeing a friend of housemate James Tindale in June 2012, he says he’d leave the house if things got serious between her and her new flame.

‘If you were happy with another lad, I’d have to go,’ he tells Charlotte.

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