Builder gets some action...

Things are heating up on the cobbles.

Lucky Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas is set to enjoy an on-screen smooch with Michelle Keegan. The pair’s characters Jason Grimshaw and Tina McIntyre get it on at the Rovers Return.

The saucy action starts after Jason is given the brush off by Minnie Chandra, who’s played by Poppy Jhakra. He soon makes his move on Tina.

It isn’t hard to see why he’s got the hots for the gorgeous brunette. She shows off her natural beauty in a black V-neck top, which she’s paired with a blue necklace and her trademark hoop earrings.

Her long locks are tied back into a low-key ponytail, while Coronation Street actor Ryan looks hunky in a simple grey T-shirt.

Jason tries his best to sweet-talk Tina as they stand by the bar but she remains unsure, looking away as he gazes at her intently. She doesn’t want to be second best after Minnie.

Tina is seen laughing at something Jason has said before the pair get serious and he goes in for the kill. He snogs a somewhat reluctant Tina before she finally gives in and smooches him back.

They close their eyes as they passionately lock lips in the pub.

Things get more heated back at Jason’s house, with Coronation Street actor Ryan going topless and Tina stripping off pieces of clothing.

Unfortunately, the pair are oblivious to the fact that Jason’s mum Eileen has opened the door on them.

The lovebirds continue to smooch while Eileen – portrayed by Sue Cleaver – stands in the doorway, waiting for them to acknowledge her presence.

After realising that Eileen’s there, the couple quickly leap up. An embarrassed Tina shields her scantily-clad torso as Jason does up his jeans in a panic.

Afterwards, Jason appears to be finding the situation amusing – but Tina looks mortified. Will they recover from this?