Take a trip down memory lane...


We can’t get enough of Doctor Who. The iconic sci-fi show, originally shown between 1963 and 1989, made a triumphant return to our screens in 2005 and we’ve been hooked ever since.

The Doctor has taken on lots of different guises over the years. From William Hartnell back in the beginning through to the modern incarnations of David Tennant and Matt Smith, we take a look at Doctor Who past and present in our gallery.

When the series first aired in 1963, the Doctor was played by William Hartnell. The British actor was 55 and continued in the role until he gave it up in 1966 due to ill health. Producers came up with the idea that the Doctor could regenerate and recast the part.

Patrick Troughton became the second Doctor before Jon Pertwee took over as a particularly flamboyant version in 1970.

Tom Baker was the fourth actor to take on the role of the Doctor in 1974. Known for wearing a long colourful scarf, the charismatic star remained on the show for seven years.

The youngest Doctor Peter Davison brought a more subdued presence to Doctor Who. But when Colin Baker became the Time Lord in 1984 he was outrageous and quite aggressive.

Sylvester McCoy was next in 1987 before the show was cancelled. When the BBC revived it for a TV movie in 1996, Paul McGann took on the role.

Doctor Who returned again in 2005, with Christopher Eccleston in control of the Tardis. The northern actor’s stay was short-lived though and he bowed out after just one season.

The Doctor regenerated and turned into David Tennant. The tenth incarnation was lively and popular with viewers.

After he quit in 2009, relatively unknown actor Matt Smith took over. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Doctor Who.