The Square’s bad girl unwittingly cuddles up with attacker...


Tensions build between the EastEnders cast as Lucy Beale kisses her mugger jay Brown.

Following the attack, Jay (Jamie Borthwick) takes Lucy (Melissa Suffield) to a self-defence class with Owen Turner (Lee Ross).

Lucy sports a simple pink vest underneath her grey zip-up sweatshirt, which she pairs with matching bottoms. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail and she’s wearing large red boxing gloves, ready to learn.

Despite Lucy finding the training uncomfortable, Jay insists it will help her feel safer in the future.

In a charcoal tank top, black tracksuit joggers and a pair of navy boxing gloves, Jay is also suited for the occasion.

He tries to prove his point by taunting Lucy, in hope that she’ll react.

Surprised by her punch to the face, Jay is unable to remain balanced and falls straight to the ground.

Other EastEnders cast member Christian Clarke, whose sister is married to Lucy’s father, (John Partridge) later proves to her that Syed Masood (Marc Elliot) couldn’t possibly have assaulted her.

Lucy – now dressed in a blue hooded vest – is left worried, believing that her attacker might still be nearby.

Jay is unsure whether or not to admit to Lucy that he was the one who mugged her for her phone. Believing that he’s only trying to help her, Lucy leans in and kisses him.

A guilty Jay, still in his school uniform, keeps his secret quiet and returns the kiss.

The couple snuggle up together on the tan leather sofa, as Jay grows concerned about lying to her.

Will Lucy find out that Jay was the one who attacked her? See all the action unfold between the EastEnders cast from Tuesday 10 November on BBC1 at 7.30 pm.