The rebellious teenager makes surprise announcement that she's expecting a baby


EastEndersLucy Beale – played by Melissa Suffield – has got some big news to share with Albert Square residents this week.

The teenager has a catch up with stepmum Jane (Laurie Brett) and shockingly admits that she’s pregnant. Later Jane finds a letter in the post from an abortion clinic.

When her twin brother Peter Beale (Thomas Law) accidentally takes the letter, Lucy finds him in the park.

At the launderette, Lucy starts to experience pregnancy symptoms and ends up being sick all over Heather Trott’s (Cheryl Fergison) pile of washing.

After seeing Heather with her baby son George, Lucy begins to imagine what her own baby will be like.

But the EastEnders youngster feels that, at 17, she’s too young to raise a child and considers giving her baby to stepmum Jane.

Jane’s hopes of adopting with husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) appear to have been destroyed as Ian is given a suspended sentence and a community order for taking Archie’s laptop.

Meanwhile Peter gets into a heated argument with Leon Small (Sam Attwater) as they both like Zsa Zsa Carter (Emer Kenny).

Peter is infatuated with Zsa Zsa and is jealous of the relationship Leon has with her.

Meanwhile Lucy tells Jane that Leon is the baby’s father and asks her stepmum if she could break the news to Ian that she is pregnant.

The relationship between Ian and Lucy becomes more turbulent when Ian grounds his daughter for concentrating too much on boys.

An upset Lucy threatens to move out but it seems that she needs the support of her family more than ever before.

What will Lucy do? See all the EastEnders action unfold on BBC1 from Monday 1 March at 8pm.