Janine Butcher tries to stir up trouble for the pair...

It’s all kicking off on Albert Square as EastEnders cast member Ronnie Mitchell gets close to the Queen Vic’s newest barman Ryan Malloy.

Sisters Ronnie Mitchell, (Samantha Womack) and Roxy Slater (Rita Simons) are laughing away in the café.

However, thing quickly turn sour when Ronnie finds out that Roxy’s letting their dad Archie (Larry Lamb( stay with her and baby Amy.

Afterwards, the sisters meet up to discuss their problems.

Ronnie chooses to move back into The Queen Vic to keep an eye on Archie.

Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott) has a trial shift in the Vic and hits on Ronnie.

Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is angry that her new housemate wants Ronnie more than her.

Things steam up between the latest couple in the EastEnders cast, Ronnie and Ryan, in the pub’s cellar. Ryan later takes Ronnie back to the bedroom he is renting from Janine.

While Ronnie gets dressed in Ryan’s room, an envious Janine searches through Ronnie’s bag and finds her medication.

Later, Janine becomes frustrated with Ryan and complains that he isn’t helping out around the flat.

Ryan responds, claiming that she is just jealous of his relationship with Ronnie.

Janine begins to stir things up by telling Archie that Ronnie is sleeping with Ryan. Archie thinks she’s trying to get pregnant, and spills the beans about Ronnie’s first love Joel.

Later, Janine tells Ryan about Archie’s suspicions that Ronnie’s using him to have a baby.

Ryan manages to hide his shock over Janine’s revelations.

Janine sneaks upstairs in The Queen Vic and steals Ronnie’s address book so she can track down her first love Joel.

Will Janine succeed in sabotaging Ronnie’s love life? Find out what the EastEnders cast get up to on Monday 27 July at 8.00pm.