We've given Walford's newbies a glam-over - Albert Square's never looked so hot


Albert Square’s never looked so good – we’ve given five hot EastEnders soap stars a glam-over.

Matt Lapinskas, Jacqueline Jossa, Shona McGarty, Tony Discipline and Danielle Harold look completely different to their characters in our shoot.

On telly, they’re the teenage tearaways causing trouble and making Walford sexy again.

From snogging each other on screen to coupling up in real life too, it’s all go for EastEnders’ newest recruits.

When Now caught up with them in a local boozer, we gave them gorgeous chic outfits – and don’t they scrub up well?

Hot EastEnders actor Matt is dapper in a tuxedo with a sexy loose bow tie, which he pairs with a cropped cut and a fierce stare.

Pretty Jacqueline Jossa shows off her slim physique in a nude feathered fishtail floor-sweeper.

Her brunette hair has been teased into tight curls.

EastEnders soap actor Tony Discipline wears a white scarf around his tux and Shona McGarty wows in a low-cut bodycon design.

Shona’s eyes pop with smoky eye make-up.

Danielle Harold appears angelic in a sleeveless white gown with pretty jewels sprinkled across it.

EastEnders’ hot soap star faces aren’t afraid to pose in sultry positions with their castmates for Now.

They first display their smart makeovers in a sexy group shot by the bar.

Jacqueline – who plays Lauren Branning – then climbs onto the surface to chat to Anthony Moon’s alter-ego Matt, who’s clutching a cocktail shaker.

EastEnders star Tony – aka Tyler Moon – lounges on a leather sofa alongside Whitney Dean actress Shona.

Blonde Danielle Harold proves she’s a star EastEnders actor by looking a world away from her pregnant character Lola Pierce while sitting gracefully on a stool.

She’s no stroppy teen in our stunning picture!

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