See how the TV stars became so close

Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby have been best friends for years.

‘We were about 19 when we met, and we just clicked,’ the girls recall.

‘We were at the same stage in our lives, we were both presenting children?s TV and we were excited about our career.’

Over the next few years, the duo are pretty much inseparable. They hang out at each other’s houses and go on girly holidays together.

Fearne Cotton and Holly Willougby flaunt their friendship at an awards ceremony together in February 2006.

A couple of months later, Fearne appears as a guest on her pal’s latest programme Holly And Stephen’s Saturday Showdown. They pair look shocked as they get drenched by water.

Fearne shows her bond with Holly in August 2007 when she acts as the curvy star’s bridesmaid at her wedding to Dan Baldwin.

A couple of weeks later, the mates start presenting a five-part series called Holly & Fearne Go Dating which sees them compete to find single people a love match.

When Holly Willoughby announces that she’s pregnant in 2009, Fearne Cotton says she’s a little jealous.

‘I’m horribly broody,’ Fearne confesses. ‘I really want a baby.

‘What is torture for me at the moment is that my best friend in all the world, Holly, is pregnant.’

2010 and 2011 sees the showbiz mates’ relationship go from strength to strength. They release a book and clothing lines.

After giving birth to her first baby in early 2013, Fearne admits that she can’t handle wild nights out with her BFF that October.

‘Holly wanted me to go out on the town with her the other night because she didn’t have This Morning the next day,’ Fearne tells The Sun.

‘But I had to say no because I don’t think I could be a mum with a hangover. I never thought I’d say waking up at half six is a lie-in.

Closer than ever in July 2014, Holly Willoughby stops new bride Fearne Cotton for a sweet selfie after her wedding to Jesse Wood.