Check out the celebs who appeared on Friends...


With the 20th Friends anniversary on Monday 22 September, we’ve taken a look at the celebrities who made guest appearances in the hit sitcom.

The show – which originally aired on NBC from September 1994 to May 2004, lasting ten seasons – revolves around a group of mates living in Manhattan, and drinking a lot of coffee while having soooo many relationship dramas.

The girls hit the A-list with Jennifer Aniston, who plays Rachel Green, Courteney Cox, who portrays Monica Geller and Lisa Kudrow, who plays Phoebe Buffay all turning into style icons and red carpet regulars.

Meanwhile, Matt LeBlanc plays Joey Tribbiani, David Schwimmer is Monica’s brother Ross Geller and Matthew Perry stars as Chandler Bing – could they BE any funnier?

And the series featured a lot of A-Listers popping up over the years.

Jon Lovitz’s character Steve comes to life in The One With The Stoned Guy. He’s a restauranteur who’s on the hunt for a new head chef. Steve is also in The One With The Blind Dates, where Phoebe Buffay sets him up with Rachel Green.

In The One After The Superbowl, Part 2, Julia Roberts stars as a make-up artist who went to school with Chandler Bing.

Denise Richards plays Monica and Ross Geller’s hot cousin who gets half the cast falling for her in The One With Ross And Monica’s Cousin.

Starting out as the fiancé of Phoebe Buffay’s identical twin sister Ursula, Sean Penn appears in The One With The Halloween Party.

Brad Pitt plays Will Colbert in The One With The Rumor, where it’s discovered that he and Ross Geller started an I Hate Rachel Club back in high school.

Portraying Phoebe Buffay’s boyfriend Parker is Alec Baldwin. He’s a constantly happy man who always looks at the positive side of life.

Other celebrity star guests include Paul Rudd, who makes his first entrance as Mike Hannigan in The One With The Paediatrician and ends up becoming Phoebe Buffay’s husband.

Anna Faris also appears and gives birth to Monica Geller and Chandler Bing’s adopted twins in The Last One, Part 1.

Dakota Fanning’s character Mackenzie is the 8-year-old girl who lives in the house Monica Geller and Chandler Bing end up buying together.

Celebrate the 20th Friends anniversary with episodes daily from 5pm on Comedy Central and the 20th Friends Anniversary Box Sets (The Beginning, The Middle and The End) are out on 22nd September.