See the reality star's changing shape...

When it comes to her weight, Holly Hagan has fluctuated over the years.

As the first picture in our gallery shows, the feisty North Yorkshire girl is rocking a curvy frame when she’s announced as a cast member of MTV reality show Geordie Shore in 2011.

She flatters her shape in a black corset dress at a photocall for the first season. A confident 18-year-old, she makes a name for herself at size 16 and 13st.

However, she admits in 2012 that online trolls have told her to ‘kill herself’ because she’s ‘fat and ugly’, telling Now: ‘There were times when I wouldn’t come out of my room for a week.

‘I would literally lock the door and refuse to speak to anybody.’

In 2012, Holly transforms herself by slimming down to a size 10. She impresses on social media by posting photos of her trimmer body in revealing outfits.

The star seems happy with the way she looks when she shares a picture of her flat stomach in a crop top in January 2013, which she hashtags ‘#no flab’.

Unfortunately for Holly Hagan, weight remains an issue.

The pounds creep back on throughout 2013. That December, she tells us she thinks she’s ‘too big’ and doesn’t feel she looks ‘nice’ in any clothes.

She’s especially self-conscious about her stomach.

After the festive season, she’s determined to slim back down and starts drinking protein shakes. She also begins working out with the help of a personal trainer.

It’s obvious that Holly is dedicated to staying fit as she regularly posts Instagram snaps of herself doing exercise and the healthy meals she’s eating. She also experiments with a training corset.

Her hard work pays off as she soon reveals she’s wearing trousers that didn’t previously fit and is called ‘so skinny’ by fans.

Read on to see the rest of Holly Hagan‘s weight loss story in pictures…