The Saturdays member Frankie Bridge sports some new and longer locks, ditching her signiture pixie crop

We love trying out a new look here at Now HQ, so when Frankie Bridge stepped out in London Attitude Magazine Awards last night, we could hardly recognise her in her vampy transformation!

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Gone was her trademark short pixie cut hair, and some long, dark locks took their place, along with a pretty smokin’ black ensemble. One hot mama!

Frankie Bridge
With it being a far cry from the adorable pixie look that she normally sports, so we thought we’d take a look back at how The Saturdays band member’s style has evolved over time.

Starting off as a teen in spin-off band S Club Juniors, Frankie looked fresh faced as she sang with her fellows bandmates, including current Saturdays bandmate Rochelle Humes.

Frankie Bridge in S Club 8
When entering five-piece girlband The Saturdays, Frankie cut her childhood long locks in favour of an edgier cropped cut.

She toyed with extentions in the past for a softer look, before going back to her signiture look.

After giving birth to her second son Carter in September 2015, Frankie experiemented with longer locks once again – and we’re loving the new look!

We wouldn’t mind looking as good as Frankie on a Saturday, or, everyday in fact!